Sasitorn Iamsaengsawang is an award winning interior designer based in Manhattan. She specializes in high end residential and hospitality design. Sasitorn's extensive experience in interior design and project management has led to recognition in well known media outlets such as Boutique Design magazine and LA Times.

Moving to New York City in 2003 to continue her education, Sasitorn completed a Masters degree of professional studies in design management at the world renowned Pratt Institute. After graduation, she was selected to serve as an interior architect at Craig Nealy Architects with a focus on luxury retail and commercial projects.

From 2007 to 2010 Sasitorn thrived as an interior architect at McGinley Design, where she was actively involved in all stages of the design process; project management, concept development, construction documents, client liaison, vendor coordination, on-site supervision and FF&E packaging with furniture and accessory purchasing. Her portfolio includes Manhattan luxury residential and commercial projects such as New York Plaza, Empire House and 215 East 80th Street.

From 2009 to 2011, Sasitorn worked at StanDa Studio, an architectural firm which specializes in restaurant design.

After joining McCartan in 2011 Sasitorn was promoted to project manager and senior designer for the 'reinvention' of the Marriott Courtyard Brand ‘Guestroom’. She is currently project manager and senior designer for the new national flagship Sheraton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and its 2016 gold key award-winning restaurant District at The Bloc.

Sasitorn's expertise and passion include a wide range of design fields including interiors, branding, graphic design, photography and fashion. She is also a well-known design blogger